Nigella Lawson reveals the reason why she's cut back on alcohol

Nigella Lawson
Lawson says alcohol has made her struggle with her anxiety. Photo credit: Getty.

Nigella Lawson may be the poster girl for all things indulgent, but she's cutting back on one of her major vices. 

The celebrity chef has revealed she's reducing alcohol, as drinking tends to "exacerbate" her anxiety and leave her with a "horrible, tight feeling of worry".

Lawson, 58, was interviewed on Jessie Ware's Table Manners podcast, where she admitted she only occasionally drinks wine when she's out for dinner.

"I've never been a big drinker, [but] I do like it. I do try to because sometimes I think if you don't drink, it's like, after the first hour of a party you're in a different room to everyone else and that can be quite difficult," the At My Table host admitted to Ware.

"I feel that I'm quite an anxious person and drink can really exacerbate that anxiety. It gets rid of it at first, but then afterwards, that horrible tight feeling of worry and just generally just not feeling quite right."

Lawson said she believed her age contributes to the problem.

"It's just [drinking alcohol] does something to me, but I think maybe it's an age thing too after a certain age. You know what it is; it's being out of practice."

That means Lawson is forced to practice if she knows she's going to be drinking, adding that before she went on a recent holiday to Italy she "went into training a bit".

"The two weeks before that I started having a glass of wine a bit each week to get myself used to it."

It's not the only time Lawson has been forced to admit a problem with substances - the TV cook confessed to having used cocaine with her late husband John Diamond in 2013. Lawson said she also turned to cocaine during her volatile marriage to ex-husband Charles Saatchi to help her cope with "intimate terrorism".

During the same trial, Lawson's assistants and Saatchi both accused her of smoking marijuana in front of her daughter.




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