No touching! Germ-phobic parents snap up stroller signs

Look, but don't touch please - that's the message this company is sending with its tags for togs.
Look, but don't touch please. Photo credit: Instagram

Babies are starting to sport 'No Touching' signs on their strollers - and germaphobic parents are snapping them up.

An American company, Tags 4 Tots, is selling the badges and signs, which can be attached to baby carseats and strollers.

"Let's face it, babies are darn cute and irresistible!" the company's website proclaims.

"People just can't seem to keep their damn hands to themselves when it comes to a cute little baby, so new parents are in a constant state of germ panic."

"It is stressful for new moms when everyone wants to touch your little one. These signs are a great way to politely ask others to admire your precious baby from a distance and not touch them."

The signs were created by Tags 4 Tots' creator Johanna Ackerman, after her nephew was born with heart problems.

"It was very stressful when the slightest bacteria or virus could be so dangerous to his health!" she writes on her blog.

So Ms Ackerman made a tag for him, to keep him safe before he could have surgery.

Then one of her own babies developed leukaemia - and now she's gone full-time with the tags.

One of the tags from the company's website.
One of the tags from the company's website. Photo credit: Tags 4 Tots

The response has been emphatic from worried parents on the company's social media accounts.

"Blows my mind people still reach out to touch!" one wrote.

"Someone's CHILD is like gold to them, would you reach out to touch someone else's gold if they were carrying it around??! No you would keep your hands to yourself. So why would you reach out and touch their baby??"


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