Popular kids' areas need more shade - Otago University study

  • 26/10/2018

An Otago University study shows areas popular with children in summer need more shade.

Researchers used cameras to monitor sun protection in popular outdoor recreations.

It found only 10.7 percent of people get out of the sun when protection is needed, and only 4.3 percent wear sun-protective hats. Hat-wearing was much lower among children at only 1.3 percent.

Author Ryan Gage told Newshub playgrounds and pools lack cover.

"These other recreation spaces, they are a site where sunburn is quite common over the summer months, so they are a good setting to focus on," he said.

Mr Gage says the melanoma level is too high and New Zealand doesn't have a strong sun safety programme.

"In contrast in Australia they have run a sustained programme over the last 30 years or so," he said.

Mr Gage said people are more likely to die from melanoma than on the roads.