'Sadly it was not to be': Aussie parents' trauma after losing ninth baby

An Australian mother has revealed her heartbreak of losing nine babies to either a miscarriage or stillborn. 

Samantha Rowe and her partner Paul Lyons latest baby Noah was stillborn on October 6. 

It is the most recent in a long path of grief for the couple who first tried for a baby in 2014, the couple's GoFundMe page reads. 

She suffered her first loss on Valentines Day in 2014, when her son Cooper was still born at 22 weeks. It left her gravely ill due to infections and spent weeks fighting for her life in ICU.

The couple continued to try have children, and Ms Rowe fell pregnant again only to have a technical miscarriage in 2015. Their son Hudson was born stillborn just before the 20-week mark. 

Later in 2015, identical twins Emma and Zoe had their cords tangled and died. 

Between 2016 and 2017, Ms Rowe had a number of other pregnancies, none of which lasted more than eight weeks. 

When the couple found out they were expecting Noah, they were overjoyed despite doctors telling them it was "extremely high-risk". 

The pregnancy took its toll on Ms Rowe's body as she had a number of infections and placental bleeds. 

"We decided to be optimistic and started to prepare for our son. We bought our first ever pram, cot, car seat, change table, bookshelf and lots of premature clothes and nappies. We knew we'd be spending months in NICU, but didn't care."

Despite their ninth loss, the couple have not given up on having a child. The couple set up the page to fund Noah's funeral and so that they could "rest" and have a "decent break" from the trauma.