Salon threatens higher prices for parents with 'screaming' children

An Auckland salon has sparked outrage online after telling customers they'll be charged more if they bring in "screaming" children.

HAiR Salon in Bucklands Beach said on Facebook it would "appreciate all parents that bring children into our salon to consider others".

Screaming, rolling around on stools, ripping magazines and "treating our property like a playground" are all banned.

"We have many valued clients that look forward to their time to relax in the salon away from their own children. We also as hairdressers do not want be disciplining your children while cutting their hair.

"If you have any problems with our rules please call 0800 parent helpline."

The Facebook post. Hair salon
The Facebook post. Photo credit: HAiR Salon/Facebook.

Perhaps to discourage parents from bringing children into the salon, HAiR also said it is increasing its kids prices to the same it charges adults - $90 for girls and $50 for boys. And the prices will be even higher for "disrespectful" parents who fail to exert "control".

The post was widely shared across Facebook, with hundreds expressing their disbelief.

"Who the hell charges $50 for a kids' haircut or who the hell would pay that?" asked one person.

"Unfollowing this salon right now I think. No way I'm spending money here with this attitude," said another.

"Overpriced snobby attitude, shove your scissors where the sun don't shine," a third told the salon.

But some backed HAiR's stance.

"Surely adults are allowed somewhere to go to treat themselves without feeling like you're sitting in Chipmunks getting a haircut?" replied one supporter.

"I don't see anything wrong with this post! Some kids behave [ridiculous] and parents allow them to do whatever!" said another.

Some thought the salon was within its rights to demand parents control their children, but didn't like its attitude.

"You could have simply said you no longer are able to do children's cuts," one person suggested.

"So many different ways you could have worded this to not sound like a bunch of pretentious twats," said another, recommending the salon hire a PR person to do their social media.

Many of the comments expressed surprise that anyone - child or adult - would pay $90 for a haircut. As one person put it, "Are you Aucklanders seriously paying $90 just for a haircut and blow wave? Holey f**ken shit ballz."

As of Friday morning, HAiR Salon had a 4.9/5 rating on Google and 4.5/5 on Facebook.

HAiR Salon has been approached for comment.


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