Squishie toys, are they emitting chemicals that harm your kids?

  • 12/10/2018

Squishie toys might be bright and full of fun, but are they emitting harmful chemicals every time your kids gives them a squeeze? 

A Danish report released earlier this year found a number of 'squishies' emitted harmful levels of cancer-causing chemicals, prompting calls for shops and parents to ditch them.

The report raised questions worldwide about what is actually in these toys and if they are harmful to children.  

The toys are widely avaiable online and in stores across the country. 

Hazardous chemicals expert Rachael Wakefield-Rann told The Project it shouldn't be up to parents to decide if these toys are safe.

It should be on the stores that sell them and the Government to ensure these items are indeed safe for children.

"It's a recipe for disaster... most regulation doesn't require that those chemicals are tested before they go on the market. They are tested for immediate hazards but not long-term hazards like organ toxicity and cancer."

For parents who already have these toys in the home and are worried about them. Ms Wakefield-Rann recommends parents keep a ventilated space and not to allow children to play with them for too long and to keep them out of your children's mouths.

Watch the full interview with The Project team in the video above.