The hilarious moment a wedding photographer shoves step-mum out of the way

A hilarious video out of Kentucky has captured the moment a wedding photographer shoved a newlywed's step-mum out of the way when she tried to take her own photo of the couple's first kiss.

As Josh and Lorna Gantt went to seal their marriage with a smooch, wedding photographer Ashley Easterling ran to make sure she didn't miss the key shot.

However upon reaching the couple, the newlywed's step-mum was already trying to take her own picture of the moment on her mobile phone.

Desperate not to miss the shot, the photographer then proceeded to shove the unsuspecting step-mum out of the way.

Trenton Ray Hensley captured the footage whilst at the wedding in Kentucky last month.

"The step-mum got out of her seat to take photos of the bride and groom, but kept getting in the photographer's way," Hensley told Caters. 

"So the photographer finally shoved her out of the way with a grand shoulder bump.

"I was shocked, but also proud of the photographer as she was paid good money to get those shots - not the step-mum."

Hensley says the wedding guests all "rallied around the photographer", and that she handled the situation well. 

"We want guests to see how easy it can be for a photographer to miss a shot because we try to play amateur photographer at weddings and many other events.

"Remember they've been paid to do a job, not us."