The top fashion trends of 2018 revealed

In celebration of their seventh birthday, one of New Zealand's most popular shopping sites has released statistics on the biggest fashion trends Kiwis have been buying this year.

Online retailer The Iconic revealed this week that Kiwi and Aussie customers have spent the equivalent of over 1000 years on their site in 2018 alone.

To celebrate seven years of being an important part of our spending, the site released a Birthday Trend Report filled with their top-selling products since they first went online. Apparently, some familiar favourites have made strong comebacks this year.

  • Leopard Prints - The trend that's been around for decades has remained the stylish staple in every woman's wardrobe, but in 2018 it came back in a BIG way.
  • Power suiting up - The power suit is in the midst of a renaissance. Women are owning the trend - synonymous with masculinity - by putting their own twist on it. From bold prints and bright colours, to modern silhouettes, power suits have been rocking red carpets this year.
  • Chinos you know - 2018 saw the top one and two most popular selling items for men were chinos. A trend that first took the male wardrobe by storm a few years ago isn't slowing down anytime soon.
  • #Dadspiration - It's rare that you look to dad for fashion inspo, but dad sneakers are having one hell of a moment for both men and women.
  • Stand out in the crowd - A surefire way to stand out in the crowd, the brightest brights are a major trend for 2018. Neon took the runway this year and has been donned by fashionistas Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively.
  • 90s athleisure - from bum bags to bike shorts and big logos, you're bona fide 90's kid is living their best life right now with the continued revival of this trend.
  • Slidin' - THE ICONIC ladies love slides - they've been constantly searching for these over the past year, rain, hail or shine. Hugely popular with men, too.

Head of Style at The Iconic, Nicole Adolphe, says we often keep coming back to the same trends again and again.

 "Fashion is always recycling its trends and we've seen that across The Iconic this year when we look back at 2011 vs. 2018," she said.

"Some trends come back every year with a slight tweak - think florals, polka dots, wedge shoes, ruffle dresses and floral prints. Others come back in decades like the 90s, with the on-going athleisure revival, or the 80s with this year's return of women's power suits. The vibe is always different though, it's always a new take on that old trend with a slightly new shape."

To celebrate the milestone and its seventh birthday, the site is launching its biggest sale event of the year, giving shoppers in 30 percent off almost everything on site. The Iconic shipped 400 percent more orders yesterday than an average day alone, so get in quick bargain fans!