Why this Christchurch honey is selling for $1800 a jar

When you're buttering your toast in the morning, a Christchurch company says they've got a product that could go on top of that just nicely.

Its liquid gold - and you'll have to dig deep into your pockets because it is just that rare, selling their 250 gram jars for $1800.

Manuka South has just unveiled 300 jars of this special honey that they claim is the highest grade ever harvested commercially in New Zealand.

Sam Haines of Manuka South says this honey is unique, with ideal conditions during the six-week flowering period leading to the perfect batch.

But where in New Zealand this special crop is harvested is top-secret.

"It's certainly something we keep to ourselves - the product is harvested in remote back country lands, and it's usually located via helicopter," says Mr Haines.

It's not the most expensive honey in the world; that title belongs to honey extracted from a 1800m-deep cave in Turkey, selling for $10,384 a kilogram.

But Manuka South honey is hard to beat. 

It comes with a rose gold serving spoon, and a special case marketed at international visitors: the royals.

"We definitely had them in mind when they are trying to find something that's a special niche product from New Zealand," Mr Haines said.

"The limited reserve is definitely something they'd be interested in."

At $1800 a pop, just whether they'll be slathering it on their toast remains to be seen.


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