Balance of the Boxes: Newshub tries Woop Foodies

Woop Foodies boz
One of these things is not like the other.... Photo credit: Facebook/Newshub.

In this series, Newshub Lifestyle editor Sarah Templeton compares the major food delivery boxes on the New Zealand market. In this instalment, it's the Woop Foodies box.

I knew we were off to a ripping start when while debating whether it was worth the 400m walk to Ponsonby Mad Mex, or just paying the $6 delivery like normal people, the doorbell rang. It was this week's Woop box - fantastic stuff.

Even more fantastic - one of the meals was Mexican pulled pork tacos! We lost our minds with excitement.

I mean, yes, according to the guide it was supposed to be meal number four. But RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN.***

In one of the more ingenious moves I've ever seen, the pork was precooked and shredded, then vacuumed packed in a barbeque sauce.  Five minutes in the pan was all it took for slow cooked, shredded meat. The future is now, guys. 

I then went crazy, breaking away from the recipe and adding cheese to my tacos. I assume it was a crucial error from the Woop team that cheese wasn't included. But fear not, Woopians; luckily I had three types of my own open in the fridge. Phew!

pork tacos woop
My attempt at the pork tacos - they look pretty different from the ones above but they were bloody tasty. Photo credit: Newshub.

As much as the meals from the Woop Balance box were more vegetable based, therefore lighter and potentially more nutritious, I really think the Foodies box is more my vibe. Actual carbohydrates, generous amounts of meat, and still plenty of veges - it ticked all the boxes for me and the carnivore I live with. 

Our personal favourite was the lamb with olive and lemon tapenade potatoes and asparagus. I had to have the tapenade WRESTLED from my grip as I ate it with a teaspoon, so we could have a little with the steak.

That tapenade though.
That tapenade though. Photo credit: Newshub.

And on that note, big shout out to our girl Zoe, who did the hard yards with the sauces that week. She made them all, according to the little note on each lid - what a champion. She must be bloody exhausted - take a holiday Zo! You deserve it after that satay.

All of Zoe's handmade sauces.
All of Zoe's handmade sauces. Photo credit: Newshub.

Again, all the ingredients were pre-prepped and colour-coded, which is a luxury I'm going to struggle to do without. How am I going to go back to regular cooking? I'm going to stare bleakly at whole, un-chopped potatoes on my bench, cursing them for their difficulty.

It might be beneficial for my actual kitchen skills, but less so for my speed and enjoyment. 

So far, the Foodies box is leading the charge in this series (currently a race of two). This is eating I can happily get used to - two thumbs up for Foodies.

Next in the series is the Classic box for two from My Food Bag, where we will see how I cope without colour coding.

*** Don't break these rules too often; the meats have expiry dates on them and I don't want to be blamed for any food poisoning.