Broke uni student hospitalised after eating only instant noodles for 3 weeks

A broke university student has been hospitalised after eating nothing but instant noodles for three weeks to save money.

Chinese woman Hong Jia first gained attention at the beginning of November, after it was revealed she had begun her bizarre diet to save money for Singles Day - China's version of Black Friday.

In a viral video, she said she had saved over $100 with her ramen meals - money she planned to splurge in a massive shopping binge.

But her plan went horrifically wrong after her diet led to a serious deterioration of her health.

Ms Jia needed to be hospitalised, and ended up spending her savings on medical bills.

"I used most of my savings to get better," she told reporters.

"The IV drips cost me more than 1000 yuan (NZ$212) and medicine cost more than 100 yuan (NZ$21)."

While the cause of her illness is still unclear, she says that "eating only instant noodles could be a reason".

But even her mother has little sympathy for Ms Jia's ordeal.

"Even I watched that viral video," she told her daughter. "You deserve it. Just drink more hot water."