Kiwi couple with 25 year age difference appear on UK reality TV show

Kiwi couple with 25 year age difference appear on UK reality TV show
Photo credit: Screenshot/Channel 5

A Kiwi man has become his friend's stepdad after having a relationship with his friend's mum.

Claire, a 47-year old from the United Kingdom and 22-year-old Kiwi Danyon were the focus of an episode this week of UK reality television show Age Gap Love.

The pair believe their age gap is more accepted in Aotearoa than in other parts of the world like Britain.

"I think the population [of New Zealand] is quite laid-back. People don't judge so much here as they do in other countries," Claire said.

"I'm more likely to get high-fived than a negative comment."

She said she often struggles with whether Danyon will find her attractive in the decades to come; while Danyon said he's concerned with how Claire's children see him.

"I was more worried about if everyone in the family didn't think I would fit in, if I wouldn't be compatible," he said.

Danyon had been friends with Claire's 19-year-old son, to whom he is now his stepdad.

But Claire says it hasn't been an issue.

"I think he does really well, they relate to him. I think that's one of the benefits of having a young partner."

The couple live together in Masterton, where Danyon said his partner has shown him how to "realise things".


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