Nurse's rant against anti-vax 'nut jobs' goes viral

Nurse's rant against anti-vax 'nut jobs' goes viral
Photo credit: Facebook/Meggy Doodle.

Those who refuse vaccinations should also have to refuse other healthcare, a nurse from Monterey, California, has said in a now viral Facebook rant.

Meggy Doodle ranted about the common defence that 'big pharma' vaccinates people to line their pockets.

She said people who believe that, should be allowed to, but they "should NOT go to the doctor or the hospital when they get sick, looking for treatment".

"Big pharma makes those antibiotics we are going to pump you full of when you are about to die from sepsis," she said.

"Having a heart attack? Better break out your essential oils and get your affairs in order, because the only thing we have to offer you is medicine and procedures brought to you by the very same people who are responsible for those vaccines you insist are evil."

Ms Doodle said people who oppose vaccinations are naïve and she takes personal offence at anyone who suggests nurses and doctors administer medicine known to intentionally harm patients.

"I take even more offence to anyone that would imply that a college educated professional, like myself, is incapable of "doing the research."

"Yes, we tell you to get vaccinated to protect yourself, but it's so much bigger than that. Vaccinate. Because it's not just about YOU."

Response to the post has been mixed, most commenters agreeing with the strong stance, while others have snapped back at the nurse.

Meggy Doodle commented on Wednesday that she would be actively deleting anti-vax comments from the post.

"I refuse to let the nut jobs ride on my coat tails and use my post as a platform."