The NZ Flowers Week team give their best tips for keeping blooms beautiful

Some of the beautiful blooms at NZ Flowers Week.
Some of NZ's finest florists will be showcasing their best blooms. Photo credit: Supplied/ Tom Hollow.

In case you didn't know, this week is New Zealand Flowers Week, a nationwide celebration of all things flora.

Whether you have a penchant for peonies and proteas, enjoy a dalliance with delphiniums or go gaga over gerberas this week is for you. But the team behind NZ Flowers Week say it's also all about showing support for local flowers, the growers behind them and the Kiwi florists who work their creative magic each day to bring joy to people's lives.

"Whether you're a florist, grower or simply love having fresh flowers in your home, it's time to think about where your beautiful blooms have come from," says Rebecca Jones, NZ Flowers Week marketing manager. 

Some of the beautiful blooms at NZ Flowers Week.
Some of the beautiful blooms at NZ Flowers Week. Photo credit: Supplied/Tom Hollow.

There are around 900 florists and upwards of 800 domestic growers operating in New Zealand who grow and sell hundreds of varieties of flowers each week.

However Jones says New Zealand flower growers have been under increasing pressure in recent years to compete with an ever-expanding market for imported flowers and foliage.

"The easiest way for Kiwis to help support the domestic flower industry is to simply buy locally grown from their best-loved florists and discover the beauty and fragrance of New Zealand flowers have to offer. You'll be getting the best seasonal produce too," says Rebecca.

Some of the beautiful blooms at NZ Flowers Week.
Some of the beautiful blooms at NZ Flowers Week. Photo credit: Supplied/Tom Hollow.

Some of the week's featured florists have put together some top tips for keeping flowers in your home:

How can we keep flowers fresh in our home when it's so hot and muggy in summer?

Heat can reduce a flowers vase life so it's important to keep them away from windows on hot summer days. Some flowers such as peonies love a bit of ice in the water. Generally keeping blooms in a cooler room with fresh water should keep them hydrated and happy.

Should we be adding stuff to the water when we're arranging fresh flowers?

Many flower retailers provide sachets of flower food to add to water which helps fight bacteria. There are plenty of other methods people use such as adding sugar to the water, but changing the water every few days is enough to keep it fresh.

Are there 'trends' when it comes to buying flowers?  What's on trend at the moment?

There are always new trends coming and going in the flower industry. Currently, we are seeing a lot more colour in arrangements, along with dried flowers and niche garden blooms. There are always those special flowers with limited seasons that people love too such as Peonies, Dahlias and Hydrangeas. It's always great to buy seasonal.

What's your favourite summer bloom?

The team at NZ Flowers Week are fans of Dahlias and Hydrangeas, as well as being lovers of greenery.

How much should an average sized bouquet cost?

The average cost of a bouquet all depends on what flowers are in the bouquet and the work that went into putting it together. Bouquets with more sought after blooms will cost more than a bunch full of flowers that grow in abundance. Wedding bouquets will also generally cost more as they require more labour.

To celebrate the week flower installations will be featured around the country, in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Auckland: Ponsonby Central by Rose Tinted Flowers (5-11 November)

Christchurch: The Crossing by Bourbon Rose Florist (5-11 November)

Wellington: Cuba Street by Melissa Jane Flower Studio (7-11 November)