Watch: Wedding guests in Australia honour blind bride by sporting eye masks

  • 29/11/2018

Guests at a wedding in Australia recently were given a rather unusual dress code: They had to wear eye masks.

The guests wore the masks not because they didn't want to see the bride, but rather because the bride couldn't see them. She was diagnosed with a retinal disease called chondrodystrophy at 19 and lost her sight over the next 10 years. 

Stephanie Campbell married a man she's never seen, but just one look at her and the groom was overcome with emotion during their wedding at a venue on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. 

"There's a lot of photos and a lot of footage around of how well I kept myself together... no, I did not," the groom Rob Campbell jokingly told 7 News. 

The tears didn't end there as the guests put themselves into the bride's shoes. 

"When you lose one of our senses, the others become heightened," Mr Campbell said during his nuptials.  

"From the start you inspired me with your strength, your beauty, and channelled me with your intelligence and intellect."

"It's just amazing," says Weddings at Tiffany's venue organiser Kelly Tilse. "Everyone's reaction to that was really special for them, so there were lots of tissues."

Ms Campbell's mother and two of her siblings also had chondrodystrophy. Her wedding team went the extra mile to ensure they all enjoyed the big day. 

"For the video, we've written a really detailed description of exactly what's happening," says TJ Tolhoek from boutique wedding film production company Lemon Tree Film House. 

She says people's facial expressions, as well as the "view, landscape, and all of those things", have been described in the custom video so that Ms Campbell can "essentially watch it in her mind". 

The bride and former real estate agent hopes to inspire others who have lost or are losing their sight. 

"People might tell you that you can't do things, but you can do them," she says. 

"You've just got to work out how to do them differently."