'Just ridiculous': Auckland woman 'dumbfounded' by $7.30 coffee

An Auckland woman has been left gobsmacked after she paid for possibly the most expensive coffee in Auckland - or perhaps New Zealand. 

Michele was on her way to work on Monday when she called into Mojo Coffee's Vulcan Lane cafe and ordered a large decaffeinated soy flat white to go. 

"I couldn't believe it, $7.30 for a coffee? I was absolutely dumbfounded," she told Newshub. 

"I should have walked out, but I just swiped my card in a bit of shock and put my pin number in."

Mojo Coffee has been contacted for comment.

Michele says she simply cannot believe that was the cost of the coffee. 

"$5.80, that's getting up there. I know you always pay more for decaf and soy milk, but usually only 50 cents - more than that is just ridiculous."

When she got back to work, her colleagues were guessing how much she had paid. 

"Nobody guessed it - [the guesses were] around $5.70/$5.80 - but over $7, they were absolutely shocked, their jaws dropped."

But Michele can't fault the cafe apart from the price of her coffee. 

The food, staff and atmosphere are always good, and you can always count on a good coffee, she says.

However, there are plenty of other cafes nearby that also have good coffee at a more reasonable price. 

"I just fail to see where it is justified, when other cafes don't [charge those prices]."

She says she won't be going back, at least while the prices remain that high.