KFC sells out of giant firelog that smells like fried chicken

KFC has sold out of their new festive firelog, which reportedly smells just like their signature fried chicken.

The fast food chain announced the arrival of the US winter warmer on Tuesday.

"Introducing the 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog from Enviro-Log, the best way to make a fire smell less like fire and more like fried chicken," said the official KFC Twitter account.

But popularity must have been so high they've already sold out of the firelog, as it's no longer available for purchase on their website.

According to the item description, the limited edition logs retails for US$18.99 (NZ$27.66), and are made with 100 percent recycled materials.

"We know the fire log smells great, but please do not attempt to eat it," said KFC on its website.

It's not the chain's first foray into festive items, either.

Last year they created fried chicken-themed Christmas tree decorations, in the  shape of a chicken drumstick, chips, a chicken wing, a KFC bucket and Colonel Sanders.

They also created chicken-themed charm bracelets and bouquets for Valentine's Day.