Mexican fast-food joint Taco Bell coming to New Zealand

Dios mio! Great news for Mexican food fans; it's confirmed US fast food joint Taco Bell is coming to our shores.

On Tuesday, Restaurant Brands New Zealand announced it is bringing the brand to New Zealand, commencing with the first restaurant opening in 2019.

More than 60 new Taco Bell restaurants will open New Zealand and Australia between January 1, 2019 and June 30, 2024, the company announced.

They'll join the more than 450 Taco Bell restaurants across 26 countries outside of the United States.

The fast food chain is one of the biggest Mexican-inspired food brands in the world, specialising in made-to-order tacos and burritos.

Kiwis are already voicing their anticipation over the new arrival on Twitter.

"I'm hyperventilating with excitement," one fan wrote.

"Taco Bell is coming to New Zealand my life is complete!!!" wrote another.

While Taco Bell has a cost-effective reputation in the states, in New Zealand the food is expected to be similarly priced to other Mexican fast-food outlets in the country, like Mexicali Fresh and Zambrero.

First Retail Group managing director Chris Wilkinson told NZME he expected the burritos to be priced around the $15 mark.

"I don't think they will be able to do it much cheaper. I expect it to be on par with other options."

Restaurant Brands already owns KFC, Pizza Hutt and Carl's Jr outlets across the country, employing more than 9000 staff across New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii.