Nadia Lim's top tips for making it a crisis-free Christmas

Fresh off the heels of the recent launch of her new cookbook Fresh Start, Feel Good!we caught up with celebrity chef, qualified dietician and My Food Bag co-founder Nadia Lim to talk Christmas, her family traditions and what it's going to be like celebrating now she's a mum of two.

1. You have arguably taken over from Alison Holst as the new unofficial Kiwi queen of Christmas food. What are some of your favourite Christmas food memories from when you were a kid?

Growing up our Christmas Day lunch was always very simple and the same year after year, but I loved it: Ham and salad with baby potatoes, followed by strawberries and cream with icing sugar, and then Aunty Pippa's trifle, which could sometimes be quite boozy depending on how heavy-handed she'd been with the sherry the night before.  There were definitely some years as a kid I could feel my cheeks getting pretty warm and rosy from the sherry. And then I'd have it for breakfast the next day it's still my favourite breakfast to this day.

2.This will be your first Christmas with two boys. How has your Christmas Day changed since being a mum?

Ummmm, I won't get to wear a nice dress, or have time to put make up on, sit back and relax with a glass of champagne in the sun, and then fall asleep on the couch after lunch. Instead I'll have food from messy hands all over my clothes, awkwardly try to eat with one hand while I breastfeed, change nappies and then get the kids to sleep  and I'll probably be in bed by 8pm! However it will be magical to see the excitement on Bodhi's (who's two and a half) face.

3. Does your family do a big Christmas breakfast, lunch or dinner? Which do you prefer?

We do lunch so we can make the most of the day and enjoy the sun. For breakfast we usually just have fruit and an almond croissant and save our tummies for the lunch time feast.

4. What are your three must haves for every Christmas table? (Can be edible or otherwise!)

A My Food Bag Christmas Bag feast (it makes it so easy!), friends and family and lots of good old belly laughs.

5. Often it can be a stressful time for households. Do you have tips and tricks for making it stress free on the day? 

If you're hosting, keep it simple and give other people a task, people love helping. For the last five years I have shared the My Food Bag Christmas recipes and ingredients around, so everyone could take care of one dish and bring it around. Have a great playlist to get you in the mood and watch Mr Bean's Christmas, that'll get you laughing and remind you that whatever you're stressing about, it couldn't be going worse than Mr. Bean's Christmas!

6. What's your best WOW dish to take to someone else's house for Christmas?

My lemon curd and blueberry pavlova is always sure to impress, and you can find the recipe here. Or Christmas pudding ice cream, in a cool festive ice bowl, or my Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolate cake () or chocolate fudge cake with poached pears and salted caramel. Too many options as you can see!


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