Veganism causes 'mental retardation' in kids, top Danish doctor claims

  • 16/12/2018

One of Denmark's leading doctors has warned a vegan diet can cause mental disabilities and disorders.

Dr Allan Lund, chief physician at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, appeared on Danish TV last week to discuss the rising popularity of veganism.

Copenhagen has been declared one of the most vegan-friendly European cities, with an ever-increasing number of Danish families choosing to raise children in the vegan lifestyle.

But Dr Lund claims removing meat, eggs, cheese and other animal products from children's diets can cause them serious health problems later in life.

"Such a diet may involve developing different brain symptoms, with muscle weakness, poor contact and epilepsy," he told TV4. "And in the long term, mental retardation."

He says his own hospital has seen an increase in vegan children needing treatment for such problems.

Dr Lund advised parents to consult a dietician before making any major changes to their children's diet.

Veganism has been a hot topic in Denmark for several years, with the country's supermarkets noting a significant increase in the sales of plant-based meat alternatives.

In 2017, a group of Danish politicians adopted a vegan diet for 22 days to highlight the environmental impact of animal farming.