'Wear a black dress': Is this the worst date of all time?

First dates can often be shockers, but spare a thought for one woman who claims one of her's ended at the funeral of the grandmother of a guy she hardly knew.

Last week, Twitter user @itssraych posted on the social media site about her friend Bridget's "worst first date" and posted screenshots of a message exchange between her and Bridget detailing the event.

The thread of messages starts off with Bridget telling her friend that a guy had invited her out and asked that she wear a black dress - something she initially thought was romantic.

While the date began well, she claims she soon found herself at what she labelled as a "weird place" where she was shocked to see a sign saying 'Crematorium'.

"Pulls in and at this point I'm like f**k I've got no way out... so I'm like f**k what's the worst that could happen," she said.

As her friend reacted shocked at what she was hearing, Bridget states that not only had her date taken her to a funeral, but to his "nans funeral".

"Ducking people are sobbing and I'm like I can't leave, I'd be a massive bitch."

Recalling the date, Bridget tells her friend that she couldn't leave the guy as he held her hand crying and told his family she was a girlfriend they had never met who broke up with him weeks earlier.

The tweet went viral, with some saying they weren't surprised that "men are capable of anything, even the lowest of the lows" as one user put it.

Others respected Bridget's humility in such an awkward situation.

"She stuck with it thought, sounds like a keeper (for someone else)."