Why you might spot Santa and his sleigh in the skies tonight

Even if you've been doing it as long as he has, Santa still needs a practice run or two. 

The International Space Station (ISS) will be seen passing across the skies tonight - but the kids in your life don't need to know it's not Santa's sleigh. 

The ISS will be visible in various spots across the world over the next few days. For New Zealanders that's at 10:31pm Monday night, December 17. 

The Daily Mail reports the shining light will stay in the sky for around six minutes - just enough time to tell your kids its Santa checking up on the children on his 'nice' list! 

The short amount of time means you'll have to be outside and ready to go so you don't miss it, but it's understandable given the ISS moves at the incredible pace of 7.66km per second. 

While a new study out of the UK shows the average age a child stops believing in Santa is eight, this might just be the thing to convince even a non-believer. 

You can find more information about where you can spot the space station here



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