Annabel Langbein's secrets for cooking perfect fish

Celebrity chef Annabel Langbein is one of the country's treasures, winning not only everyone's hearts, but their stomachs around New Zealand. 

This year she's teamed up with an all new flashy and rebooted Fish Market, 'trouted' as one of the city's newest and hottest food destinations. 

Langbein told the AM Show she recommends Kiwis try species they may not usually pick: Grey Mullet makes a great ceviche, and Gurnard is the most prized fish for Italian cooking.  

And when choosing your fish? There's several ways to pick a good one.

"You can tell the freshness of a fish several ways; the first is to look at the eye which should be bright and clear and shiny," Langbein recommends.

"The flesh should look shiny, and if you were to press it with your finger, it should be firm and not leave a squidgy mark.

"It should also smell clean and of the sea, fresh and light." 

Watch the video for more of Langbein's tips.