Auckland teens launch online condom delivery service

A group of Kiwi teens is taking aim at the embarrassment of buying contraception in stores by setting up an online condom delivery service.

Founded by 18-year-olds Jamie Martin, Harry Copeland and Isaac Mercer, the business - named Package - will provide prophylactics right to your door.

"We started talking to a few people about if they'd had any difficulties or embarrassment trying to buy condoms and almost everyone we spoke to said 'I hate it, it's embarrassing'," Mr Martin, the company's operations director, told Stuff.

"You've got to deal with the clerk, it's not a fun experience."

Statistics from the Durex 2017 Global Sex Survey Summary showed only 23 percent of sexually active people in New Zealand use a condom on a regular basis - making us the third worst country for condom use.

The study, which surveyed 500 adults across the country, also found 25 percent of Kiwis didn't use contraception when they lost their virginity.

Package hopes it can change this when it launches in three weeks.

Users of the service can choose how many condoms they receive each month. There's also an option to deliver the condoms as a gift.

"People like getting cool stuff in the mail, even if it isn't necessarily something they'll use," Mr Martin told Stuff.

"It might just be a joke [for some of our subscribers], or something like that."