Australian mother left terrified after glitch means stranger's bedroom appears on baby monitor

A  West Australian mum has issued a warning to other parents to choose their baby monitors carefully after a terrifying security breach with her device.

Edana Day, 27, told 9News she purchased an "award winning" wireless baby monitor to check on her daughter's bedroom from anywhere in the world, using a password on her smartphone.

But she was left shaken this week after logging in and seeing an unfamiliar crib.

The unfamiliar, empty crib that showed on the monitor's display.
The unfamiliar, empty crib that showed on the monitor's display. Photo credit: 9News.

"I logged in through what the instructions told me to and it wasn't my daughter's bedroom," she told the Aussie news network.

"It was somebody else's bedroom."

Day says she's now afraid the technology glitch means anybody else in the world could see into her baby daughters' bedroom - either through a similar accident, or a more sinister hack.

"I don't know if anyone around the world can log in... that's my daughter's bedroom, I feel sick."

Day says the state of the art device cost AU$250 (NZ$262), but she'll be going back to a more basic device following the incident.

Australian technology news expert Ben Aylett told 9News the glitch could have very serious consequences if it was abused.

"This is horrifying. It's very scary when this sort of thing happens," he said.

"This is just simply through misconfiguration, [or] the code might have some sort of error in it.

"This does happen from time to time."