'Blasphemy': Kiwis outraged after Cadbury cuts Marshmallow Eggs in half

Easter won't be so sweet for some Kiwis after Cadbury announced major changes to its popular Marshmallow Eggs.

The eggs have been cut into a half shape and no longer come in their individual foil wrappings.

"You'll notice that our Cadbury Marshmallow Eggs look a little different this Easter," it posted to Facebook.

"While we've combined two halves into one, there's still lots of fluffy deliciousness with Cadbury chocolate to share around."

The news has outraged New Zealanders, with people labelling the changes "disgusting" and "blasphemy".

"You cannot call them eggs if they're not egg shaped," one person wrote on social media.

"You ruined the Roses chocolates and now you have ruined the Easter eggs. It's only half an egg now. Won't be buying," another said.

Some people commented how much they enjoyed eating the chocolate in the middle, while others say the lack of wrappings will prevent them using the eggs in Easter egg hunts.

Cadbury says it understands some people will be disappointed by the new shape, but says it's impossible to change back due to upgrading its equipment.

"While the shape may have changed, Marshmallow Eggs will still have lots of the marshmallow fluffiness that Kiwis love, covered in delicious Cadbury chocolate," it says in response to the controversy.

"Consumers told us in testing that they deliver a very similar eating experience to the old shape."