Goodbye, Photoshop: New 'beauty wand' helps lightly cover up skin blemishes

A multi-national company has come up with a revolutionary new way to apply make-up.

Opté is a tiny inkjet printer combined with a camera, which can be used to conceal skin imperfections in something being called "facial Photoshopping".

"It feels like there isn't anything on your skin, even though you've erased all the signs of those spots," inventor Thomas Rabe said at its launch.

The wand uses a high definition camera to pick up imperfections and discolouration, triggering the inbuilt printer which deposits tiny droplets of mineral pigment.

"It actually scans the skin, instantaneously identifies where you have hyper-pigmentation and uses an inkjet printer to precisely remove the signs of that imperfection instantaneously," he said.

The technology means it's highly accurate, leaving just a small amount of mineral pigment on top of blemishes instead of covering a whole area.

And it doesn't just cover birthmarks or discolouration.

"It also contains skin lightening actives so that the longer you use Opté, the lighter those spots will become," Mr Rabe said.

The beauty wand is one of thousands of tech products on display at the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.

"As a first time exhibitor we're quite proud, as we demonstrated how to bring great technology and integrate it into consumers lives every day," Phil Duncan, Procter & Gamble's global design officer, said.

Overall it's a very small everyday product that has the potential to make a big difference to users and their self-confidence.