Hell Pizza launches 'Unruly Tourist Pizza' that 'may contain ants and hair'

Hell Pizza has lent its trademark dark sense of humour to the current Kiwi obsession over a family of rowdy British holidaymakers by 'launching' a brand new type of pizza.

The 'Unruly Tourist Pizza' has been advertised on a giant billboard erected at Auckland's Victoria Park, and threatens to contain "ants and hair".

The group of travellers first came to the country's attention after allegedly leaving a trail of litter on Takapuna Beach, and were later accused of scamming restaurants by claiming their food had hair or ants in it.

The notorious family later moved on from Auckland to Hamilton before one member, a 26-year-old woman, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft.

Hell Pizza explained that its new creation would only be available to certain clientele in a post on their Facebook page.

"Terms and conditions: Only available to notorious families of rabble rousers who have stolen a rope, trashed a beach, and received a deportation notice in the last seven days," they wrote.

"@John Johnson, drop in to any branch of Hell in New Zealand to redeem your prize," they added, referring to the name one of the men in the group gave when speaking to media.

The latest offering from the Kiwi-owned pizza company has quickly garnered attention online, with some commenters keen to get their hands on a slice, despite not being adequately qualified.

"Can I collect from the Victoria Street branch?" one Facebook user asked.

"It's 2019, a pizza company is practically telling some specific folk to get f**ked. What a time to be alive," wrote another.

The rowdy tourists are now understood to be in Wellington, where they have allegedly lied to get a motel room.