Instagram model Tammy Hembrow accused of photoshopping pictures

Australian fitness model and blogger Tammy Hembrow has left her Instagram followers perplexed with an allegedly photoshopped bikini snap.

The 23-year-old mum-of-two posted a snap on Tuesday of her sitting on a pool ledge in a pink bikini. 

But commenters noticed something off about the photo, and didn't hesitate to call her out.

"What's going on with those tiles behind her?" commented one user

Another commented "Someone's being playing around with their photos." 

The comments continued pouring in, "Photoshop level 3000", "ha photoshop on point".

In the photograph, the pool tiles behind Ms Hembrow appear to bend in towards her waist - giving the appearance of editing.

However, Ms Hembrow swiftly denied the accusations, editing her post to explain.

"Before another person comments on how the tiles are 'photoshopped' plz take another look and realise the tiles curve because they curve into what im sitting on lol it's literally how the pool is (sic)." 

She went on to challenge the accusers.

"I post plenty of vids of my bod if u wanna check up on it" (sic).

While some commenters were nasty, others spoke out in support of Ms Hembrow.

"Beautiful, lol haters will always find anything to bring someone beautiful like you down! Keep your head up."

"Girl, if people are saying you're photoshopped take it as a compliment."

Last year Ms Hembrow made headlines for leaving Kylie Jenner's birthday party on a stretcher, blaming the collapse on a "lack of sleep".