Kiwi skin-checking app expands to Australia

A New Zealand made-app is helping with early detection of skin cancer across Australasia.

Firstcheck has partnered with insurance company TAL to provide free skin checks at Australian beaches this summer.

The app allows users to take a photo of their moles and spots and have it assessed by a doctor.

It's hoped it allows people to be proactive about their care, Firstcheck founder Hayden Laird told Newshub.

"A person can download the Firstcheck app, attach our specialised lens over the smartphone camera, and you can send photos of your skin spots and moles directly to a skin cancer doctor for an assessment."

Now they've expanded over the ditch, Firstcheck wants to help provide the service to more people.

"We want to make a more convenient and affordable way to get a suspicious spot checked," Mr Laird said.

Mr Laird said early detection is the best way to keep cancer statistics down.

New Zealand and Australia are majorly affected by skin cancer. A 2018 report found New Zealand is by far the most susceptible to skin cancer in the world, closely followed by Australia.

Melanoma is the fourth-most common cancer diagnosed in New Zealand, according to the Ministry of Health.