Kiwi woman reportedly fired after making headlines for marrying Bumble stranger in Las Vegas

Sarah and Paul Edwards on their happy day.
Sarah and Paul Edwards on their happy day. Photo credit: Paul Edwards / Facebook

A New Zealand woman has reportedly been fired from her job after going viral for marrying a stranger she met on a dating app on Christmas Day.

Sarah Edwards, originally from Wellington, made international headlines after marrying an almost stranger in Las Vegas shortly after meeting him for the first time.

Media reports Ms Edwards and Paul Edwards initially matched on Bumble on December 15 and spoke to each other on the phone for the first time on December 22. On December 23, they decided to get married, meeting each other in person for the first time on December 24 and tying the knot a day later.

According to the Sun, several photos of Ms Edwards at a bondage club just weeks before her impromptu wedding were later leaked.

She admitted in an interview to having a "high sex drive" and her boss reportedly had enough.

"Her boss didn't like the kind of attention she was getting and has decided it best she work elsewhere," an anonymous source told the Sun.

"She was looking for love, and was very lucky to find it, but now she'll be getting back online for a new job."

While she may have lost her job, believed to have been as a nanny, she and her husband told international media they "instantly clicked" and are looking forward to settling down together.