LG's unveils new beer brewing machine, similar to a Keurig machine

LG's unveils new beer brewing machine, similar to a Keurig machine
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LG has unveiled their new beer making machine on Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The new machine is called the HomeBrew, and it can brew up five different craft beers with the press of a button.

However, as the Daily Mail reports, the machine is not as quick as pouring yourself a coffee. The process can take up to two weeks before the beer is ready to enjoy.

The concept is similar to a Keurig, in that users will insert a capsule containing malt, yeast, hops oil and flavouring. 

All you have to do is press a button.

After that, the machine handles all the hard work of fermentation, aging and carbonation.

You don't even have to clean it, because according to the Daily Mail, the machine is self-cleaning and self-maintaining.

An LG spokesperson says the machine "automatically sanitizes using nothing more than hot water, ensuring everything is hygienically clean for the next batch".

The HomeBrew also has an accompanying app that users can check the status of their beer on. The app will also notify users when their beverage is ready.

LG's senior vice president of marketing, David Vanderwaal says "HomeBrew produces the drink you love, with a single touch of a button and none of the hassle."

HomeBrew can produce around 10 pints of beer, and the range is not to be scoffed at. 

IPA's, pilsners, stouts, witbiers and pale ales are all possible, according to LG. 

However, the Daily Mail reports that it is unclear what the price will be, or when it will be available to the public.