New Zealand heatwave: Tips for staying safe and sexy between the sheets this summer

With temperatures around New Zealand peaking at over 30 degrees this week, it's not just the roads that are getting hot and sticky. 

Sex in these high temperatures can be horribly sweaty, and even downright unpleasant. 

So how do you get it on when all you want to do is lie in a chest freezer? I've compiled some useful tips. 

Give each other a cooling massage 

After a hot day out in the sun, there's nothing better than getting some cooling creams on your skin. Use a light gel moisturiser or a traditional aloe on any sunburnt areas on your partner, or store your massage oils in the fridge for a chilled treat. The same goes for lubricants - half an hour in the fridge can make all the difference.  Durex also has an aloe vera gel lubricant which really kills two birds with one stone. 

Protect your protection 

Let's be serious for a second: We all know keeping that condom in your wallet isn't safe at the best of times (wassup friction) but it's EVEN WORSE in these rocketing temperatures. Dr Beth Messenger, national Family Planning medical advisor says she recommends people consider the temperature of their condoms before they get hot and bothered.

"Cool and dry spaces are the best place to store your stash of condoms. You need to keep them somewhere that is at or below room temperature," she advises. "A drawer or in a safe container in your bag is best - and keep an eye on the expiry date."

"Condoms should also be kept out of direct sunlight!" 

She also adds that this isn't the place to take the temperatures below zero.

 "It might seem fun to put them in the freezer for a cooler experience but this is also a really bad idea."

If in doubt, chuck any dodgy looking ones and hit up FP for some more. 

Stay hydrated

This is obviously a tip for all times of the day, but especially when you're getting that heart rate up and that sweat on - whether it be during exercise or getting freaky. 

Sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight told The Sun that she recommends keeping a couple of cold water bottles on your bedside tables, and remember to have a drink even in your post-coital doze off. 

"If at any point during sex you start to feel unwell or dizzy then take a break, drink some water and cool yourself down. There's nothing sexy about making yourself unwell!" she says.

Hit the shower

A cool shower is a great - and very hygienic - place to get it on during the summer months. It also means your sheets don't get all sweaty, and you can clean your body covered with a film grime of inner-city summer dirt at the same time. Sexy! Start with the water lukewarm and gradually take it cooler until you're both comfortable, (maybe not TOO cold amirite lads?) 

But be careful; showers are also very slippery, and any situation of lifting and balancing should be done with caution. Knight recommends both sets of feet are kept on the floor at the same time - we'll leave the visuals of that up to you. 

Happy heatwave everybody!