New Zealand's fight against cancer stalling - doctor

There are concerns New Zealand's fight against cancer has stalled.

A three-day conference is taking place in Wellington, and Dr Chris Jackson from the Cancer Society told Newshub progress against the disease has slowed.

"Our outcomes for cancer survivorship are falling behind other countries like Australia, and like Canada."

He said the possible impacts of the slowdown continuing are dire.

"We're at a cross roads between the status quo being changed [or continuing]… If we continue with the status quo then the New Zealand health system is going to collapse under the weight of cancer."

Dr Jackson is calling for a Government intervention on the issue, and district health boards to adopt a national approach to cancer management.

"It could potentially turn around outcomes for cancer and see ourselves make our way back up the leader board again."

Dr Jackson told Newshub in August 2018 cancer survival rates are far worse in New Zealand than Australia.

"What's clear is that 2500 New Zealanders died from cancer whose lives could have been saved if they were treated in Australia over the course of the last five years," he said.