Pak'nSave launches online 'click and collect' shopping option

Pak'nSave customers rejoice: you'll soon be able to shop for bargains from the comfort of your couch.

The supermarket chain is following its competitors in rolling out a 'click and collect' service across the North Island this year, starting at Sylvia Park before all of its North Island stores.

FoodStuffs North Island chief executive Chris Quin tells Newshub that while it's kicking off in the north, their collegues at FoodStuffs South Island will be "learning with us".

"They've been experimenting [with online]; they're learning with us and are keen to engage," he says.

Quin says the goal of the new service is to maintain the budget-friendly appeal of the supermarket, even while offering the luxury of having someone else trawl the aisles for you.

"The thing about Pak'n'Save is we need to keep costs as low as we can, to keep prices as low," he says.

"But we've got to make sure that we do that with great quality; with people to do the work and the customer getting what they ordered - with green bananas, not yellow, if that's what they want."

The click and collect service will incur a $5 fee, but Quin says the cost shouldn't deter budget conscious shoppers.

"One of the things we've seen is that savvy shoppers who are price-focused are overrepresented in online shopping," he reveals.

"It's because you build a list, on your tablet or computer, and you can manage the budget and take out all the extras - all the chocolate bars and things you might get otherwise. It's been a very interesting insight."

Click and collect is a service other outlets already offer Kiwis. Fellow Foodstuffs operation New World is operating the service throughout the North Island, while Countdown also has a pick up option nationwide, which is free for all orders over $50.