'Paltry' response to surgical mesh review

  • 19/01/2019

Frustrations are boiling over the Government's handling of a review into the use of surgical mesh.

People affected by the material had until Friday to tell the Ministry of Health (MoH) they wanted to share their story and say how they would like to do this.

But Mesh Down Under co-founder Charlotte Korte says not many people knew about it.

"We are disappointed that the Government provided no funding to advertise that this was actually happening and this opportunity existed."

Ms Korte fears this will mean the submissions will only reflect a fraction of the problem.

"Only 366 people had applied last time we heard from the ministry. This is a paltry number, compared to the number of people who are injured."

Ms Korte says it shows the issue still isn't being taken seriously.

"We feel it is imperative that funding is provided for this next stage so as many people have the opportunity to share their story," she says.

"The MoH have confirmed that more people will be able to submit their response at a later stage, we just hope that it is actually advertised next time round."

Surgical mesh has been banned in many countries.