The ingenious McDonald's hacks you need to know about this summer

Over the summer, several ingenious fast food hacks have emerged on the internet, leaving many customers kicking themselves for not figuring them out sooner.

One savvy McDonald's fan devised the best possible use for a container of fries - folding the top edge down to make a little shelf for your ketchup. Twitter account 'Today Years Old' shared the hack, leaving many flabbergasted.

Be wary though, that style of fries container is not used everywhere and Kiwis may be missing out.

On the subject of ketchup, the same Twitter account shared another hack for dipping - roll down the sides of the standard ketchup container to "increase capacity" for ultimate nugget coverage.  

Another hack that has captured the hearts of many allows you to hold your entire Macca's meal in one hand - shared by the McDonald's Facebook page itself.

In the photo, a woman has her nuggets in their box, with fries stored in the lid and the straw of a drink sticking up the middle. Of course, nuggets can be substituted for a burger here.

Her left hand is free to do whatever she wishes. Most commenters are praising the Kiwi ingenuity, although some point out the need to keep both sides of the box balanced at all times.

The ingenious McDonald's hacks you need to know about this summer
Photo credit: McDonald's Facebook.

And from the archives, a classic hack circulating on Reddit recommends asking for a receipt with your order, which might result in a little special treatment. The reason - McDonald's 'gap busters' (mystery shoppers) always ask for a receipt, so they can get their food costs reimbursed, according to an Aussie Macca's worker.

"They'll make sure to serve you the freshest burger and fries priority over everyone else."