US doctor fighting to keep licence after prescribing cannabis to 4yo

A California doctor is fighting to keep his licence after prescribing cannabis to a 4-year-old for the boy's temper tantrums.

Natural medicine physician Dr William Eidelman incorrectly diagnosed the child with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and bipolar disorder in 2012. He then prescribed small amounts of cannabis, the BBC reports.

The authorities became involved after the boy's father asked the boy's school nurse to give him cannabis cookies at lunch time.

The Medical Board of California has since revoked Dr Eidelman's licence, not because of the prescription of drugs, but because he did not refer the boy to a psychiatrist.

Court documents show he had been accused of gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, incompetence and general unprofessional conduct.

Dr Eidelman is currently appealing the decision and says he will continue to practise medicine.

The boy's father supported the initial prescription of marijuana, and says he also suffered from bipolar disorder and ADD as a child.

He did not have a good experience with prescription medications, but claimed his later in life use of marijuana helped.

His older child has also previously been prescribed the drug to help with another diagnosis of bipolar disorder and ADD.