Watch: Family creates incredible 'Push It' remix in birthing suite

A Texas family have won over hearts with what must be a delivery room first, coming together to create a rendition of the song 'Push It'. 

Jadie Phelps, 29, was ten-centimetres dilated and readying for the arrival of her little girl when they all began singing the track, originally released by Salt-N-Pepa in 1987.

Caters reports they began singing after Phelps was asked if she had a birthing song or playlist she wanted to listen to for the birth of her third child. 

The impromptu performance saw partner Jordan Houston, 26, beatbox while his brother Derien, 21, sang the bassline and their mum Iva danced in the background. Also in the room are the nurses and Phelps' sister Danny, who joke about the baby coming out dancing. 

"Sing this song next time you decide to have a baby... my little girl came literally 10 mins later!" Houston captioned the video posted to social media.