Watch: Topless stuntman shows off chin-ups atop crane in terrifying video

If heights make your stomach churn, it's not a good idea to watch this vertigo-inducing video of UK stuntman George King.

He's released the terrifying footage which shows off his bulging muscles and fearlessness as he does chin-ups at the top of a crane.

King scaled the crane without a shirt or a harness - and no safety gear can be seen in the video.

While the 19-year-old admitted his parents aren't fans of his daredevil ways, he told Caters they supported his hobby, as he used to suffer from depression and the climbing makes him happy.

King previously came under fire last year when he scaled UK's tallest climbing wall without any ropes.

The climbing wall's owners blasted King for the "incredibly dangerous" stunt and warned others not to try it themselves.