Where to find the best, and strangest, ice creams this summer

Ice cream is a classic summer treat and comes in a variety of traditional flavours like cookies and cream, chocolate or goody goody gumdrops. 

But what if you want something a bit more avant garde? Something cold and sweet, but not the jelly tip you've had so many times this summer?

Turns out there's something to satisfy every ice cream craving across New Zealand. Here's a list of some of the best ones.


Island Gelato Company

Originating from Waiheke Island, the Island Gelato Company now has a shop on Quay St filled with artfully displayed gelato.

Boy is it worth enjoying, owners Ana Schwarz and Geoff Tippett pride themselves on using the best seasonal ingredients to get amazing flavours.

"We use a really great jersey girl organic milk as the basis for the creams and then seasonally sourced fresh fruit, and then we have pastry chefs who bake all sorts of goodies and put them all together to create different flavours," Mr Tippet said.

When Newshub visited there was a Strawberry, Prosecco and Nougat available, as well as a beautiful Basil and Lime.


It's hard to talk about ice cream or gelato in Auckland without bringing out summer staple Giapo.

Each customer's order is preceded by a tasting session with a customer service person, and there's usually something out of this world on sale.

There's a standard Afghan cookie chocolate flavour and hokey pokey with real honey comb, as well as more out there guacamole and strawberry and blackberry and martini rosso.

On top of an amazing ice cream flavour customers can choose an interesting serving method such as on hot chips or in traditional Māori fried bread.


Duck Island

You can buy Duck Island in some supermarkets, but it's worth checking out the adorable parlours in Hamilton east and Riverbank Ln.

Ordinary flavours like vanilla bean are available, alongside blueberry buttermilk gooey butter cake, strawberry condensed milk and raspberry coconut coriander.

Those who can't make their way to Hamilton will be able to find some flavours in supermarkets across te North Island, and two in the South Island.

There's a handy list on the website for anyone looking.


Kaffee Eis

With over 40 flavours there's something for everyone in this Wellington institution.

On top of amazing ice cream the stores choose a different charity to give back to every month. January's is Little Sprouts, which gives important items to vulnerable babies.

To date the company has given away a whopping $52,000 to charity.


Rollickin' Gelato

Similarly to Giapo, it's impossible to discuss frozen deserts in Christchurch without mentioning New Regent St's Rollickin' Gelato.

Admittedly it's no longer Christmas, but there were some interesting festive flavours available at the end of 2018.

"Coal For You" featured activated charcoal and even came with a very specific health warning.

"Disclaimer: While activated charcoal has many health benefits, please also note-due to its absorbent nature it may neutralise the effect of prescription drugs including oral contraceptives," a post on the Rollickin Facebook page said.


Deja Moo

Admittedly this isn't exactly a flavour for humans, but Shaun Osbourne's ice cream parlour has specially made ice cream for furry friends.

Mr Osbourne told Stuff he'd had the idea for doggy ice cream for years and decided to just go for it one day.

"All the dog treats are soy-based, because a lot of dogs do suffer from lactose intolerance," he said.

"We have an ice cream, and ice blocks which have seaweed and green-lipped mussel extract in them, mainly for their health benefits."

So it turns out up and down the country there's plenty of places to stop and try something new, something with Mr Tippett said he loves to see at Island Gelato company.

"There's something really special in watching families, lovers, grandparents and grandchildren  and just the fascination of looking at the flavours, trying the flavours.

"It's a real treat to come and have a gelato on an afternoon, it's not a nutritional thing like a green smoothie, but it's actually a really beautiful on a hot afternoon."