Woman meets boyfriend decade after he fathered her children

  • 04/01/2019

A UK woman has told the incredible story of how she met her boyfriend more than a decade after giving birth to two of his children.

Jessica Share gave birth to her daughter Alice in 2005 while in a relationship with another woman, thanks to an anonymous sperm donor, the BBC reports.

"This was the American Midwest, and the only lesbians I'd heard about with children had usually given birth to them in a previous, heterosexual relationship. My girlfriend and I, however, had had to start from scratch."

Eighteen months later she had a second daughter, using sperm from the same donor.

"The donor listed his profession as a writer, musician, and taxi driver," Ms Share told the BBC.

"My wife and I romantically imagined he was refusing to get a desk job, but instead collecting the stories of those he'd pick up in his cab, readying to write the 'Great American Novel'."

But her relationship abruptly ended in 2015, with her ex-wife taking custody of the younger daughter.

When Alice began asking about her heritage, Ms Share went on a hunt for the father - and soon discovered he was a Seattle man named Aaron Long.

When the pair met, Ms Share had been in a relationship with another man, also called Aaron for a few years. And when it ended, she began wondering if the father of her daughters would make a good partner.

"I spent my first date with Aaron relaying their lives to him," she told the BBC.

"I already knew him and knew he was just like these people I love more than anyone else in the world. He was already family in some ways. His smirk and his colouring are those of my youngest daughter. His empathy and socialism? My eldest."

In 2017, Ms Share and Alice moved in with Mr Long and another of his biological children in Seattle. Since then she's befriended more of her daughter's half-sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles.

"Who knows how many more of Aaron's bio-kids there are? He's estimated there could be as many as 67."