Woman's crude poem prompts hunt for mystery baby-daddy

Woman's crude poem prompts hunt for mystery baby-daddy
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Warning: This story contains explicit language that may offend some readers.

Social media has exploded into a search for a father to be after a woman's lewd poem was discovered unopened on a nightclub floor.

The letter is addressed to 'Josh' and instructs him to open it at midnight. 

The nightclub, Pryzm in Nottingham, posted the letter online to try and find the soon-to-be father.

It details how "special" the last few years have been, and that there is a reason that writer Sarah couldn't be there for the celebrations.

"I hope that when you read this, you'll be filled with joy - the question is, girl or boy?"

The next line is crude, so readers beware. 

"Happy New Year, I hope you've had fun, maybe next time baby, stick it in my bum."

Not the most romantic pregnancy announcement.

Social media is going wild searching for Josh, and wondering if he knows the life-changing news.

Sarah's sense of humour has been called "hysterical". Others wonder whether Josh is "getting on the first flight out of the country".