Woman's eye sliced up like a pizza

sliced up eyeball
The culprit was outdated surgery. Photo credit: New England Journal of Medicine

Optometrists examining a woman who reported worsening eyesight got a shock when they found her cornea had been sliced up like a pizza.

The 41-year-old said her vision had been getting worse for 20 years, according to a case report in the New England Journal of Medicine.

An examination revealed the culprit - surgery carried out 23 years earlier to correct her near-sightedness called radial keratotomy.

Before laser surgery, radial keratotomy was reportedly a common fix for myopia.

"Because radial keratotomies are performed manually, the incisions are neither perfectly radial nor symmetric," the case report reads.

It's now rarely carried out, replaced by more precise surgeries such as LASIK, and patients often find themselves suffering the opposite problem - farsightedness - as they age, as this patient did.

The cornea is the transparent layer on the eye's surface.

The redness of the woman's eye was a result of the camera's flash, but helped to highlight the cuts.

The doctors say the patient, whose location was not listed, was prescribed corrective lenses. Six months later, her vision hadn't deteriorated any further.