Woman shares horrific Tinder dating stories as warning to others

A UK woman who claims to have gone on nearly 40 "atrocious" Tinder dates has revealed the worst experience she's ever had.

Bioscience student Natalie Palmer describes herself as "2019's answer to Bridget Jones", telling The Sun she joined various dating apps after coming out of a long term relationship last April.

In her tell-all tales of her terrible dating experiences, the 23-year-old revealed the worst date she ever experienced was in a McDonald's - already a pretty terrible start.

"Hands down the worst though was the guy who pooped himself in the queue at McDonald's," she revealed.

"We'd had a few and needed to soak up the booze with some food.

"So we're in the queue when suddenly he goes bright red and tells me he's 'shit himself'.

"I started laughing, which only made things worse."

While that would have been scarring enough on its own, Palmer has plenty more tales of horror.

"One guy turned up with a range of sex toys he wanted me to use," she recounted.

"Another wrote such explicit messages I blocked him. But he just created a fake profile under a different name and started up the messages again."

She said even picking a "sweet Christian guy" turned out to be a mistake: after telling him she volunteered at a soup kitchen "he started shouting at me".

"He said homeless people deserve to be on the streets and that I was only helping out for attention. I got him to drive me straight home. Game over."

In other instance, "one lad threw me on the bed for a laugh and I cracked my head open on his wardrobe".

But Palmer says she wants to warn others that the worst part of dating is often the difference between the perceived person behind the profile, and the reality.

"You get chatting on the apps and people seem cool. But then you meet up and they are completely different.

"The biggest shock was the number of men on these apps who turn out to be married or already seeing someone."

"I was having the best dinner with this lad until our waiter recognised him and asked him how his girlfriend was. Busted!"