Auckland café bans takeaway cup for eat-in diners

A steaming mad customer has been asked to leave a popular Auckland café in a stoush over a takeaway cup.

In an effort to be more environmental friendly, Westhaven Marina's Buoy Café decided to stop giving takeaway cups to eat-in diners.

But, after a woman was refused her disposable cup last weekend, all hell broke loose.

Newshub spoke to the café's manager, who says the woman began using "really bad language" towards staff members when she was informed of the policy - despite there being families and children around.

As the "pretty bad confrontation" escalated, the woman - who wasn't a regular - was asked to leave due to her abuse.

The woman - who didn't want to be named - called up NZME to complain.

"She said the policy was outrageous, sanctimonious and flawed, given the cafe gave away takeaway cups to those going offsite," it wrote.

"While she didn't feel she owed the cafe staff an explanation as to why she wanted a takeaway cup, it was because it didn't smudge her lipstick as much."

The café has been applauded online for doing its bit to help reduce waste.

"They have a great way of thinking about our environment. They don't use takeaway cups unnecessarily and encourage me to use my keep cup. Bravo and keep up the good work," one person wrote in a Facebook review.

"They have a great attitude to environmentally friendly practices," another said.

Buoy says it's thankful for the support it's received from the community.

"It's really nice to hear. We're just trying to do our best," the manager told Newshub.