Australian mum reveals bullying on social media over bump size

An Australian mum has revealed the bullying she received on social media over the size of her baby bump while pregnant with her second child.

Elisha Bakes gave birth to her son Kaelen in January after documenting her pregnancy on Instagram, Yahoo reports.

But comments about the size of her bump began from when she shared a picture of it to mark 14 weeks.

"From when I was 14 weeks pregnant the comments started. As this was my second pregnancy, I popped a lot sooner than the first time," Ms Bakes told Yahoo.

"I posted a picture and people were saying I must have the date wrong and be much further along, or I was eating too much and not being healthy."

The comments only got worse as the pregnancy went on and Ms Bakes had to respond to them saying the one foot different in height between her and her husband may have something to do with it.

"People would also say hurtful things like 'why is her bump so big?' and that it was the biggest bump they'd ever seen," she told Yahoo.

"People would even comment on my Instagram pictures saying the size of my bump was gross and say, 'I hope I never get that big'."

Ms Bakes received similar comments during her first pregnancy and said she was able to ignore them about 98 percent of the time.

She's been flooded with support since she shared her experience online, with women sharing how they felt shamed by the size of their bump during pregnancy.

"I had hundreds of messages from women who had experienced the same thing. They told me how they would get very anxious about people commenting on their bump and would make them feel very insecure and not be able to enjoy their pregnancy," Elisha said.

"This would range from women who carried small and they would have people ask if they were even pregnant or telling them that they had looked bigger after eating a pizza. Some women were told they needed to eat more, whereas I was told to lay off the food."

Ms Bake's son was born via emergency C-section weighing a perfectly average 3.6kg.