Australian teenager developing application to help stop text neck stress injuries

A young Australian man is developing an application which may prove revolutionary in helping to stop a common injury caused by looking down at your phone.

According to PhysioWorks, text neck is a stress injury caused by looking down at your phone for extended periods. Excessive amounts of tension build up in the neck's muscles when it is in this position which can create pain.

Now, Oliver Bowman, an 18-year-old who suffered from migraines as a result of text neck when he was younger, is developing an application which could help, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

The app controls the lighting system on the phone, meaning that when the phone is held at eye-level the screen can be easily read, but when the phone is tilted or lowered down, the screen fades to black.

The app is still a project at the moment, but it will be on display at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum in May.

Mr Bowman said he was excited to use the app himself once it works properly.

"It's increased my interest in design and entrepreneurial stuff, I definitely want to make something else, I don't know whether it'll be an app but I like solving problems," Mr Bowman said.