Burger King edits advert after complaints it mimicked smoking a bong

Burger King edits advert after complaints it mimicked smoking a bong
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Burger King has edited an advertisement after complaints it mimicked using a bong and glorified drug use.

The original advert featured a man with his back to the camera, "making a slurping sound" as a group of people around him eat sundaes and pies.

The voiceover said "temperatures are high, so cool off with Burger King's summer treats".

Two complaints about the advert were placed with the Advertising Standards Authority.

One said the ad mimicked the action of someone using a marijuana bong, and was targeting youth.

"It's a complete sell out for a multi-national," read one complaint. 

Another said the advert had unnecessary links to drug use, by using "at first glance, what looks to be drug taking".

"Don't really think glorifying drug taking or masking it in [an] advert is that appropriate."

Burger King New Zealand said the commercial has been edited, and it was never its intention to reference drug use.

"The intent was to create cut-through by showing a universally annoying behaviour - noisy drink slurping," said the company.

The advertisement now shows the man face-on to the camera "to avoid any confusion".

Due to the fact that Burger King edited their advertisement, the Advertising Standards Authority did not take further action.



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