'Cruel' exchange between spray tan salon and size 10-12 client triggers outrage

A shocking exchange between a potential client and a spray tan technician over their cruel price policy has left many online outraged.

The conversation, posted in Facebook group 'All Things Tanning', has "rocked the tanning community", according to the page's administrators.

In the chat - where names have been blanked out - the potential client kicks things off with a friendly greeting.

"Hey girl! I noticed you didn't have a price list on your [Instagram] and was wondering how much for the one hour express spray tan?" she asks.

The technician tells her $35 is the standard rate, before asking, "I just had a look at your Instagram and I'm just wondering what size you are?"

The client tells her she's a "size 10-12 AU", before inquiring why the tanner needs to know.

The operator then says that her regular clients were, at maximum, a size 8, and explained that she would be charged $20 extra "as there's more surface area, if you know what I mean".

It then seems the woman then posted about the troubling exchange in a Facebook group, asking for advice.

The tanning technician follows up, telling her to "lose a little weight" if she wants to avoid the "surcharge".

"Not trying to be mean, it's just the industry x."

The screenshot of the conversation has racked up over 2500 comments from outraged tanning fans on Facebook, with many calling for the woman to "name and shame" the tanning technician.

"I'm 36 weeks pregnant, I better not contact her for a tan she'll probably charge me for two people" one person commented.

"Holy shit - I've been doing spray tans for eight years and never in my life have I ever even thought to ask this," wrote a fellow technician.

"In that case my spray tan would cost my fat ass $125," another joked.

Other commentators are labelling the conversation "cruel" and "bullying". 

However, others took the side of the salon.

"Well she's not wrong, more surface area means more tan needed, up the price...  seems fair," one woman wrote.

"You want tanned thighs, pass on the extra fries," joked another.